Red Eye Problems

Red eye is an all-too-common condition that we often treat at our clinic that can manifest for a wide variety of reasons. To help you deal with red eye, our professionals at Total Vision of Port Orange can diagnose the root cause of your red eye and create a treatment plan to alleviate the condition and prevent it from reoccurring.

What Is Red Eye?

Red eye is exactly what it sounds like. This is a condition where your eye becomes red, either due to inflammation or inflamed blood vessels on the eye's surface. Often, red eye is not caused by an internal health problem but rather external causes. People often experience red eye due to freqently rubbing their eyes because of dryness or other eye irritants. Red eye may also be caused by exposure to smoke or staring at a computer, television, or phone screen for too long. Usually, red eye is not a cause for concern. However, if you are experiencing red eye in addition to other symptoms, such as dry eye, pain, impaired vision, or watering of the eye, that may be indicative of a medical issue. Be sure to let our eye doctors know about these symptoms so that we can treat them appropriately.

More serious medical issues can cause red eye, such as infective conjunctivitis. This is more commonly known as pink eye and is most commonly noted by itchiness, discharge, and crust forming on the eyes, making it difficult to open them. If you think you have pink eye, be sure to take proper steps. As any optometrist will tell you, pink eye is a highly contagious disease, and you should keep away from people while you recover from it.

How to Treat Red Eye

Treating red eye will ultimately depend on the reason you're experiencing it. For example, if you have red eye caused by rubbing your eyes, eye drops may help. An antibacterial ointment or prescription eye drops will often be the best option for something more serious, like pink eye. We will work with you to find the right treatment for your specific condition.

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If you're ready to work with an optometrist, be sure to contact us at Total Vision of Port Orange, FL. We can help you deal with whatever is causing your red eye, as well as other issues you may be facing.

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