Dry Eye FAQs

If you have eyes that burn, feel gritty, and are red, you may be suffering from dry eye. It is a condition that is familiar to a great many people. Dry eye is not something that you want to let go untreated. Our eye doctors at Total Vision of Port Orange have gathered some of the common questions that we run into regarding dry eye.

Dry Eye FAQs

What are the main causes of dry eye?

The environment is one of the main contributors to the dryness of your eyes. If you live in a dry climate or if there are strong winds, you experience dry eye. The heat of summer is also a contributing factor. It isn't just the heat in the outdoors, it can be the fans or air conditioner blowing on your eyes.

Technology in the form of computers, phones, and tablets has led to people spending hours staring at screens. While staring, they forget to blink. Blinking is what helps keep your eyes moist. You need to take a break from your electronics on a regular basis to help avoid aggravating the situation in your eyes. As you get old, the number of tears you produce decreases, and the quality of your tears may also have been reduced. This leads to more people having dry eyes as they age.

Who is the most likely to have dry eye?

Men are less likely to have dry eye than women and people over the age of 65 are also among the most likely candidates. If your mother, father, or grandparents suffer from dry eyes, then you have a greater chance of developing the condition. Because of the excessive use of electronics, younger people are also suffering in greater numbers from dry eye.

How do I know if I have dry eye?

If your eyes feel scratchy, like you have sand in them and they burn, this can mean you have dry eyes. Your eyes may also be watery, you can become light-sensitive, and develop blurry vision.

What treatments are available for dry eye?

You can treat your dry eye with artificial tears that you purchase at your local pharmacy. If you find that this is not providing the relief you need, our optometrists can prescribe eye drops to increase your tear production. To help keep the tears in your eyes, you may need to have a plug placed in your tear duct or the tear duct can be permanently closed with surgery. These options are often reserved for severe cases.

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