Myopia is a common eye condition that causes nearsightedness, which causes objects at a distance to appear blurry, while those that are up close are usually clear. The condition can be mild or severe, however, when it is left untreated, myopia can make daily tasks like reading and driving difficult. At Total Vision of Port Orange in Port Orange, FL, we provide comprehensive eye exams to determine an accurate diagnosis and provide treatment to preserve your vision. You can learn more about myopia and how it is treated below: 

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Symptoms of Myopia 

Children and adults can be affected by myopia. Some symptoms of myopia include:

  • Blurry vision that continues to get worse the farther away objects are 
  • Dry eye or frequent eye watering 
  • Headaches that occur later in the day, especially after watching television or driving for long periods 

Severe cases of myopia increase your chances to developing ocular health conditions like glaucoma and retinal tears. These conditions can cause irreversible damage to the eye and lead to permanent blindness if not treated.

The more severe a person’s nearsightedness is, the more they are at risk of ocular health conditions like glaucoma and retinal tears. Both of these conditions can cause irreparable damage to the eye and vision, potentially causing permanent blindness if not treated. 

Treatment for Myopia

Mild and severe myopia can be treated in a few different ways. Some common treatments that we utilize for myopia include:  


Glasses are used to adjust the way that light enters the eye. In order to achieve clear vision, light needs to be focused directly on the macula. When light focuses improperly, your vision becomes blurry. Glasses will bend the light in precise directions so you can see clearly. 

Contact Lenses 

Contact lenses are also typically used to correct nearsightedness. Just like glasses, contacts change the way light enters into the eye so it’s focused on the right place for clear vision. However, patients with very severe myopia may need specialized contacts for vision improvement. Our optometrists will evaluate your eyes and recommend the contact lenses that will help provide a sharper vision.  

Laser Eye Surgery 

Patients may also choose to treat myopia with LASIK, which is a surgical procedure that corrects the shape of the cornea. As a result, the cornea refracts light properly onto the macula and provides clear vision. While this procedure does alter your vision permanently, your vision can change over time and you may need glasses again.

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