Signs You May Have Dry Eye Syndrome

Dry Eye Syndrome

Is your chronic dry eye causing discomfort, pain, or vision problems? Dry eye can be due to a multitude of issues from aging to medication to allergies, but regardless of the reason why the good news is that this condition can be treated. At Total Vision Eye Health Associates, we have provided residents of Port Orange Florida with routine eyecare services for many years. This includes the diagnosis and treatment of dry eye.


As you grow older, your body's ability to produce tears declines. This is why dry eye starts impacting adults at a higher rate when they are 65 years and older.

Autoimmune Diseases

Dry eye is frequently associated with autoimmune disorders like lupus, rheumatoid arthritis, and Sjogren's syndrome. Since autoimmune diseases can cause imbalances in the three key areas of tears, which are water, oil, and mucus, any change in that composition can lead to dry eyes.

Using Computers for Long Periods

Staring at a computer screen for hours-long periods will cause your eyes to dry out. This is due to the significant decrease in the number of times you blink, which is directly correlated with how well-lubricated your eyes are.

Eye Surgery

Nearly every person that undergoes LASIK will suffer from dry eyes because it decreases tear production.

Contact Lens Users

Contact lenses cover the layer of tear film that is on the surface of the cornea. As a result, tears can evaporate, causing discomfort in your eyes. Wearing contacts for shorter periods or trying different brands often helps.

Start Your Optometry Treatment for Dry Eye in Port Orange, FL

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