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Good vision is essential to your work life and social activities. Maintaining regular eye exams is one of the best ways to ensure your vision is optimized and your eyes are functioning properly. At Total Vision Eye Health Associates in Port Orange, FL, we help our patients maintain their vision and prevent potential eye-related issues from occurring. We are a full-service optometry clinic ready to provide whatever vision correction or eye care you may need.                  

Importance of Vision Care

Health experts recommend an eye exam from your optometrist every two years. These exams should be part of your overall health maintenance strategy. Maintaining your vision is crucial for navigating throughout life and performing daily tasks. Regular eye care is even more essential in your later years. Many age-related eye diseases do not have any noticeable symptoms in their early stages, making eye exams essential for early detection.

Providing a Wide Range of Services

Vision needs often change over the years. That’s why we provide a range of services to ensure that you have access to the care you need when you need it most. Whether you are considering changing to contact lenses from glasses, need help with computer vision, or have an eye injury, our eye doctors can help. We can also provide referrals to other eye health professionals when needed.

Individualized Eye Care

Our goal is to provide personalized eye care tailormade to fit your unique needs. Routine eye exams help us thoroughly assess your eye health and visual acuity. Our optometrists perform various tests during these check-ups to understand how much your vision has changed and what additional eye care you need. In this way, we can help you maintain clear vision for work duties, driving, sports activities, computer work, and whatever other activities you may be participating in.

Make Total Vision Eye Health Your Optometrist in Port Orange, FL

Our optometry professionals, Dr. Wilgers, Dr. Peterson and Dr. Granger, use their intensive training and years of experience to ensure our patients in Port Orange and nearby communities enjoy clear vision and optimal eye health at every stage of life. We provide eye exams, eyeglass fitting, contact lens fittings, sports vision care, dry eye treatment, pre and post-LASIK vision consultations, and more. Whether you need a routine exam or emergency eye care, contact Total Vision Eye Health today at (386) 767-4449. Contact us to schedule your next appointment or to learn more about the various eye care services we offer.


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Meet The Staff

Learn Who We Are

  • Dr. Kirsten Wilgers

    Dr. Kirsten Wilgers graduated from the University of Florida in 1997 and then received her Doctorate from Nova Southeastern University College of Optometry in Fort Lauderdale, Florida in 2001.

    Born in DeLand, Dr. Wilgers was a Total Vision patient for years before she earned her Doctorate and joined the practice in 2001. She has worked at all the affiliate Total Vision offices and opened the Total Vision office in Port Orange in 2003.Dr. Wilgers has served as president of the Volusia County Optometric Society and is a member of the Florida Optometric Association and the American Optometric Association.She is an active member in the Port Orange/South Daytona Rotary Club, Junior League of Daytona Beach, Krewe of Amalee and the Port Orange Chamber of Commerce. Dr. Wilgers has also served as past Dr Wilgers at microscope board member of the Port Orange/South Daytona Rotary and Bert Fish Medical Foundation.Dr. Wilgers enjoys being an active participant in her community and forming lasting patient relationships based on trust and clear communication. In her free time, she treasures the many joys of motherhood and spending time with her husband, Rhett.

  • Dr.
    Brian Peterson

    Bio Coming Soon!

  • Dr. Nicola Granger

    Dr. Nicola Granger is a graduate of University of South Florida and the University of Alabama at Birmingham School of Optometry. She completed Residency training in Primary Eye Care with a specialty in Traumatic Brain Injury, Low Vision, and Ocular Disease at the San Diego VA Healthcare System.

    Dr. Granger is a native of Edgewater and graduate of New Smyrna Beach High School. She discovered her passion for optometry in 2006 while shadowing Dr. Phillip L. Stephens. She went on to work as a technician of Total Vision NSB, solidifying her love for the eye care profession.

    She has a passion for volunteer work and enjoys being active in the community. During the summer months of optometry school, she travelled to Grenada and Nicaragua with the SVOSH organization, providing free eye care to those in need.She has volunteered in multiple vision screenings and Remote Area Medical exams in Tennessee, Alabama, and Florida.

    In her spare time, she loves travelling, attending concerts, drinking craft beer, water-skiing, running, and weightlifting. Most importantly, she loves spending time with friends, family, husband (Ross), and Boxer (Rocky).

    Dr. Granger is a member of the American Optometric Association, American Academy of Optometry, and College of Optometrists in Vision Development. Her professional interests include binocular vision, pediatrics, ocular disease, contact lens, dry eye, and family eye care.


Reviews From Our Satisfied Patients

  • "They are a great team and they take great care of my eyes. Have been going there 3 years now.

    They are not cheap, but nothing ever is when it comes to glasses. I think I get great value for the money I spend"
    Thomas P.
  • "I am new to the area and needed an eye exam, new contacts and new glasses. And, my mom needed an exam and new glasses. My goal was to be able to wear my contact lenses all day for close up work on my computer and for distance when driving. And, I wanted to try transition lenses in my glasses. They scheduled our appointments back-to-back which was perfect. From the exam with Dr. Granger and through to the selection of frames, working with my insurance and the final pickup of my glasses and contacts the process was so smooth. Both my glasses and contacts are perfect. Mom is happy, too. Great service!!!!"
    Karen W.
  • "I highly recommend this office for your vision care. From the moment I walked in, the office staff and ophthalmologist were courteous, understanding, good listeners and very professional. Thank you for the excellent care."
    Patrick H.

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